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Our Mission

Christ Episcopal Church loves and serves God by: providing opportunity for individual spiritual experiences; being inclusive, accepting and supportive while remaining faithful to our distinctive Episcopalian heritage, and encouraging outward vision to serve others.


At Christ Church, we are a diverse people who share their joys and concerns with one another as we journey together in incarnational community. Our mission is to call and nuture individuals into a community that will be a mission church living a relational lifestyle, giving an incarnational witness. We do this in may ways, particularily by our life together in worship, our hunger for ongoing education and spiritual formation, our energetic focus on mission beyond our walls, and through our care giving, a hallmark of Christ Church.

Christ Church By-laws

Christ Church Strategic Plan 2013-2018

Christ Church informational Tri-fold

Church Values

Acceptance and Respect – We engage in the ongoing practice of loving as Christ would have us love in our interactions. We accept others where they are while supporting healthy boundaries.
Social Responsibility – Christ Episcopal Church cares for all creation. We value the environment and the health and welfare of our church and greater community. We are called to respond and bring Christ’s healing in concrete action.
Diversity – We who are many are one body because we all share one bread and one cup. As the body of Christ at Christ Church, we are willing to challenge ourselves to embrace differences in our community.
Inspirational Environment – We create an inspirational environment through a pleasing building space, meaningful liturgy and music, and enriching Christian education for both young and old.
Community – We provide a sense of community by valuing and supporting each other. We encourage shared
experiences that provide mutual enjoyment.
Transparency – We advocate open processes for participation, decision making and selection of leaders. We are willing to listen, explain, explore and respond to the questions of others.
Welcoming – We embrace new members and visitors. We actively seek opinions and ideas from all members. We strive to make our physical space a welcoming environment.

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