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Welcome to Christ Church

Letter from the Rector

We at Christ Episcopal Church invite everyone: single people, couples, families, spiritual seekers, and cradle Episcopalians--people of all ages--to come visit and worship with us.


We are committed to growing and deepening our relationship: 

with God in Christ through weekly worship and Christian Education & Spiritual Formation opportunities for all ages, with one another through many lively fellowship gatherings and, with the world through the many ministries we support and are actively engaged in.

We believe Christ Church can be a valuable resource in your spiritual journey and we know that our church family will be enriched by your presence.

If you have any questions after your visit please do not hesitate to contact us!


Reverend Mary Caucutt  

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Mission and Values

Christ Episcopal Church loves and serves God by: providing opportunity for individual spiritual experiences; being inclusive, accepting and supportive while remaining faithful to our distinctive Episcopalian heritage, and encouraging outward vision to serve others.

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The ministry of Christ Church wouldn't happen without the teamwork of many lay people, clergy, and staff - each with a unique role invaluable to our community!

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Our People


History and Holy Spaces

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The "Little Church" or "Poker Church" is the first home of our church. The space is historic, being one of the first church buildings in Cody and supposedly the product of a historic poker game between Buffalo Bill and friends. 

Nowadays it is located on our main campus, hosting special services in the summer and events throughout the year. Adjacent to the building is our beautiful Memorial Garden.



Our main gathering place for worship, the "Big Church" houses our church offices, parish hall, adult education space and library, and the Little Explorers Preschool. The space was constructed in the 1960s and has been our home ever since.

The space is large and welcoming, hosting two Eucharistic services every Sunday at 8 and 10 am. Many of our special events and classes are held either in the adult education space or parish hall throughout the year. 



In 1964, the Christ Church Men’s Club’s main project was an establishment of a chapel on the North Fork. The construction of the chapel was to be completed by November 1, 1965, and by June 1966 agreements to house the priest at a nearby lodge were to be signed. Wayfarer's Chapel's first service was held in 1966.

Services are held on Sundays from mid June through the end of August.

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