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You may be new to Cody. You may be new to the church. You may be a long-time Episcopalian. You may be looking for a church community. Or you may be visiting Cody. If any of the above is true, we want to make you feel welcome and allow you to see what we have to offer here at Christ church, at your pace at your own pace.

While Christ Church is not a pushy church, and we do not “strong-arm” newcomers, we want everyone who walks through our doors to feel fully welcome. We have a unique mission to fulfill by carrying out Christ’s work in new and challenging ways. We have much to offer. We invite you to join us in this mission. Let us know how we can best include you and your family. We know we will be enriched by your presence.

We have three different worship locations and a variety of services for all preferences and needs. As for special services such as weddings and baptisms, we are happy to arrange these and ask that you contact the church for more information. 

Weekly Worship Materials:



Sunday Worship Service is weekly at 8 and 10 a.m.
Tuesday Healing Service is weekly at 12:05 p.m.



Sunday Mornings | Big Church

8 am | 10 am

Join us at either 8 or 10 am every Sunday for our Eucharistic service. As with all our services and events, everyone is welcomed!

If you find yourself unable to attend, feel free to join us virtually for the 10 am service using the Facebook link below, or watch the previous sermons on our youtube channel.

Sunday Eucharistic Service

Sundays (Mid-June to August)

10:00 am

Every Sunday from the mid-June through the end of August we hold an open service at 10 am at the beautiful, open-air Wayfarers Chapel. 

The chapel is located a short distance from the East Gate of Yellowstone, up the North Fork Highway. The location is clearly marked with signs.

Wayfarers Chapel Service

Sunday Evenings | Little Church

5:15 pm

Looking for a more meditative experience in your worship? Every Sunday evening, a contemplative prayer service is held in the historic "Poker" church.

The service emphasizes silence and meditation, as well as reflection on the nature of God in our lives.

Contemplative Prayer Service

Wednesday Evenings | Library

5:15 pm

Yoga Soul is a very gentle practice, that can be done on a Yoga mat, in a chair, or seated in a pew. We integrate the practice with teachings from different mystics and disciplines. 


Join us each Wednesday in the Library at Christ Church or via Facebook!

Yoga Soul


Join us from home by tuning into our services from Facebook! This will be available for the second Sunday service and assorted other services and events at Christ Church!


Revisit sermons, classes, and other events via our Youtube! This will be updated periodically and available at all times for easy viewing!

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