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Little Explorer's Preschool

Little Explorer's Preschool is a partner of Christ Church Cody and shares space on our campus. Christ Church allows Little Explorer's to use space for $1 a year and partners together for fellowship and other special events. 

"Our cooperative program at Little Explorers Preschool centers on providing an intentional play-based, child-centered learning environment with the support of both teachers and parents.  Our program encourages independence and helps children increase their understanding of self, other people, and the world around them. We are committed to helping each child develop positive social skills and be resourceful.  We strive to cultivate joyful, active learners who become confident and ethical citizens.  Our students leave LEP exceptionally prepared for Kindergarten." (Per the Little Explorer's Website).

For more information regarding the school, please visit their website.

Little Explorer's Playground
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