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Education for Ministry (EfM)

Education for Ministry is an advanced educational program for adults. This four year course is coordinated by Sewanee School of Theology in Tennessee.


The program digs deeper into the Christian faith, studying the Bible, Church history and theological ideas and reflect on connecting faith with life experiences. Each group is facilitated by a mentor, who looks after the life of the group and guides the reflection process.


As stated on the EfM website:
"Seminar groups work under the leadership of mentors who contract to serve as guides and administrators. They are not teachers in the traditional sense who are expected to impart information about the Christian tradition. The role of the teacher is built into the program materials...A mentor must work as an enabler rather than as an informer of people." 

Meetings are held once a week at Christ Church, September through May. This is a 4 year program, but does not have to be taken in continuation. Scholarships are available for Christ Church members.

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