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Cody Cupboard

Cody Cupboard is a local outreach and food pantry program founded in the 1980s to offer food assistance to those in need. Throughout the years, many Christ Church members have been involved with the Cupboard as volunteers and board members.

Volunteers are trained and asked to cover one afternoon a month at the Cupboard where they assist clients with selecting grocery items or help to make appointments. Funding for the Cupboard comes from grants as well as donations and the major community food drive which is generally in early November. Christ Church has covered the cost of renting the Cody Auditorium for this food drive for years.


Most food items are bought at Albertsons, which has been very supportive over the years. Other food and household items on the shelves are donated by individuals, churches, organizations, and businesses. There is a drop off box at the back of the Cupboard which is available 24 hours a day. For more information on how you can become involved, please visit the Cody Cupboard website.

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